Located at the west end of Sacramento Avenue, about 4.5 miles outside Chico, this little park is a great place to visit when you are short on time or you might take your lunch with you and eat at one of the picnic tables while checking out the birds in the canopy above you. The park has two short trail loops on each side of the picnic area with an Oxbow lake along the back (West). River Otter and turtles are often seen on the lake. The total hiking distance of the two trails is about three-quarters of a mile.

Starting in late spring through summer, the Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies show up in abundance. The small black Pipevine Caterpillar can be found throughout the park, feeding on the Dutchman's Pipe. If you look under the picknic tables,you might see Chrysalis waiting to hatch out into Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Rare Find)

Around the middle of June, the Yellow-billed Cuckoos arrive and this park is a favorite area along the Sacramento River to check when searching for this elusive bird. Altacal Audubon often plans outings to this location as well as others along the Sacramento River which, when the season is right, include a search for the Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Check the Altacal Audubon web site for any upcoming field trips.


The total walking distance of the two trails is about three quarters of a mile on level ground.

Birds To Look For

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C - Common FC - Fairly Common U - Uncommon R - Rare I - Irregular  

Year Round Birds

Year round birds in this park include: Pied-Billed Grebe(FC), American Bittern(R), Great Blue Heron(FC), Great Egret(FC), Snowy Egret(U), Green Heron(U), Turkey Vulture(C), Canada Goose(FC), Wood Duck(R), Mallard(FC), Osprey(FC), White-tailed Kite(R), Bald Eagle(U), Northern Harrier(U), Sharp-shinned Hawk(U), Cooper's Hawk(U), Red-sholdered Hawk(C), Red-tailed Hawk(FC), Golden Eagle(R), American Kestrel(FC), California Quail(FC), American Coot(U), Killdeer(C), Spotted Sandpiper(U), Rock Pigeon(U), Mourning Dove(C), Western Screech-Owl(U), Great Horned Owl(R), Northern Pygmy-Owl(R), Anna's Hummingbird(FC), Belted Kingfisher(U), Acorn Woodpecker(C), Red-breasted Sapsucker(FC), Nuttall's Woodpecker(C), Downy Woodpecker(FC), Hairy Woodpecker(R), Northern Flicker(C), Black Phoebe(C), Hutton's Vireo(R), Western Scrub-Jay(C), Yellow-billed Magpie(U), American Crow(C), Common Raven(FC), Tree Swallow(C), Mountain Chickadee(U), Oak Titmouse(C), Bushtit(C), Red-breasted Nuthatch(R), White-breasted Nuthatch(FC), Brown Creeper(R), Bewick's Wren(C), Western Bluebird(U), American Robin(C), Northern Mockingbird(R), European Starling(C), Spotted Towhee(C), California Towhee(FC), Fox Sparrow(FC), Song Sparrow(FC), Red-winged Blackbird(FC), Western Meadowlark(FC), Brewer's Blackbird(FC), Brown-headed Cowbird(FC), House Finch(C), Lesser Goldfinch(C), American Goldfinch(FC), and House Sparrow(R).

Winter Birds

Birds that winter in the park area include: Eared Grebe(R), Snow Goose(C), Tundra Swan(U), Sandhill Crane(U), Ring-billed Gull(U), Northern Saw-whet Owl(U), Say's Phoebe(U), Golden-crowned Kinglet(U), Ruby Crowned Kinglet(C), Hermit Thrush(FC), Varied Thrush(R), Cedar Waxwing(FC), Orange-crowned Warbler(U), Yellow-rumped Warbler(FC), Savannah Sparrow(R), White-crowned Sparrow(C), Golden-crowned Sparrow(C), Dark-eyed Junco(C), and Pine Siskin(U).

Summer Birds

Birds that summer and nest in this park include: Yellow-billed Cuckoo(R), Black-chinned Hummingbird(R), Olive-sided Flycatcher(U), Western Wood-Pewee(C), Pacific-slope Flycatcher(R), Ash-throated Flycatcher(U), Western Kingbird(C), Warbling Vireo(U), Violet-green Swallow(FC), Northern Rough-winged Swallow(U), Cliff Swallow(R), Barn Swallow(U), House Wren(FC), Blue-gray Gnatcatcher(R), Wilson's Warbler(U), Yellow-breasted Chat(U), Black-headed Grosbeak(C), Lazuli Bunting(U), Hooded Oriole(R), and Bullock's Oriole(FC).

Spring Transient Birds

Birds that pass through this park during the spring or fall migration include: Rufous Hummingbird(), Swainson's Thrush(R), Nashville Warbler(U), Yellow Warbler(U), Black-throated Gray Warbler(U), Towsend's Warbler(R), MacGillivary's Warbler(U), and Western Tanager(U).

Park Information

The park is open year round for day use. There are no fees. There is a chemical toilet.


Lots of Poison Oak. Ticks in spring through early summer. Steep banks around the Lake. Try not to step on the caterpillars in the late spring and summer!


Highway 32 goes east/west through Chico. Sacramento Avenue connects to Highway 32 on the west side of Chico. Take Sacramento Avenue 4.5 miles to River Road. The park is on the far side of River Road. Turn right onto River Road and make a quick left into the parking lot for the park. You can also follow this link to Google Maps, with the destination address already entered.


Interactive Area Map

Blue marker on map below is the parking lot and picnic area

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More Photos

Pipevine Swallowtail (Raina King)

Great Egret
Great Egret (Stephen King)

River Otter
River Otter (Stephen King)